Company Profile

The development and management of wind parks building projects on the Romanian territory in accordance with the requirements of environment protection and local communities.

Oradea, Romania | Compania Eoliana

About us

Established in 2007, COMPANIA EOLIANA SA, was formed based on the necessity of promoting non-conventional energy from renewable sources, more specifically the use of wind energy to produce electricity using wind turbines.
Romania, as an EU Member State, joined the European legislation on the use of renewable energies, such as to create the optimal development of a company in this field. Our company was founded with the support of ALERION from Italy, in both professional experience and management areas. ALERION is one of the leaders in non-conventional energy, with impressive investment in the Italian peninsula.
Our main investor wants Compania Eoliana to actively participate in developing the energy sector in a competitive and efficient manner, while in total agreement with the obligations assumed by our country on the Kyoto Protocol, namely reducing greenhouse emissions, that are participating in the process global warming.

Our Mission

Compania Eoliana is committed to provide quality solutions in the development of renewable energy, wanting to become an important player in the field at national level, by a significant portfolio of projects.

Our Company's Politics

Clean green energy
Maximum design quality
Long term investments opportunities
Launch and promotion of modern technologies in the energy field
Optimization through the use of wind power potential
Finding the best locations for wind parks
Implementing the requirements of the European energy strategy
Exploitation of unconventional energy sources